How To Make a Blog? – Everything You Need to Know

There can be several reasons why you want to have a blog of your own. It can be for your family and friends, or you might want to reach out to the world with your ideas. If you have no experience, let me help you know how to make a blog – does not matter if plan big or small, you had better consider some thoughts before you start.

If you have been trying to find an online job for a while, then you must have bumped into several articles which suggest that you should start writing and creating a blog or homepage. More or less this is the only work from home opportunity from which you can really earn money – and not just pennies for long hours. You will never have to go into a company’s office, and you can also make money from it if you are a bit inactive for a little while.

Starting your online career you need to have your own website in the first place. Here I am going to show you how you can create your very own site for free which meets some very important criteria. These features are the very basics you need for a site that works well:

  1. How quick your site is and how long it takes to load its elements
  2. How professional it looks like
  3. Navigation: how easy it is to find the articles, and the structure of the menu is easy to understand
  4. CMS (Content Management System): to make it simple it means that you will not have to make all the updates you manually, but it happens automatically
  5. Quality content: for example do not copy posts from other sites because that is punished by all the search engines with bad or no ranking

In this post I have already explained how you can take part in an affiliate program. Below I am going to show you the 2. step from there in details.


1. Choosing a Niche

First, figure out what you want your website to be about. You might have thousands of ideas, or nothing at all or have some thoughts but not really clear. It all does not matter, as you go further in your training it will be more and more clear even it does not seem like that now.

I have already given some ideas here in the first step.


2. Domain name

The domain is the name of your site ( in most cases), the one that you type in to get to your site.

According to endings, we can differentiate two big groups:

  1. International main domains (ending with .com /.org /.net)
  2. National domains (ending for example with .hu /.sk /.at)

You are strongly recommended choosing one of the main domains, if possible the .com, as Google ranks these better. If you do not write your site in English, then you can obviously choose a domain ending that matches your site’s language (e.g. if you write your site in Hungarian targeting Hungarians, you can choose a .hu ending).


.com features:

  • most preferred ending in search engines
  • most known in the world
  • much more accepted than for instance a .eu or any other ending
  • easiest to purchase
  • if you do not write your site in English and you are looking for a name for your site in your language, you will find quite many options (usually more) than with your national ending (e.g. .hu / .de)

National endings

  • e.g.: .de /.at /.hu /.sk / .au
  • search engines only prefer them in the areas where they belong (except if the search is in that language as well)
  • most known in the given country
  • many times they can be bought for at least 2 years, paid in advance – check your local regulations
  • most good domains are already reserved if the target the language of the domain name and ending matches
  • in many cases more difficult to purchase

Free or not?

Free domain names are only available if you do not own your entire domain name. For example Most website owners provide this option so that they can place advertisements on your page instead of your payment. The only way to remove these ads from your site if you pay their fee.

The reason why I mentioned the domain name in the first place is, that they are most probably the only company who let you make your website for free on their platform in WordPress without putting advertisements all around your page.

You can create your free SiteRubix website here:


If you are willing to pay for your site, which you can buy from about $2/month then the siterubix part will not be in the name and the entire name will be of your choice.

At the beginning, I think it is enough if you start with a free quality free version and if you are satisfied, you can pay for your own domain where you can transfer your whole site.


3. Domain registration and hosting

You can decide if you simply want storage or hosting as well. For me, it was obvious that I wanted to focus on my content and not on all the techie things so at my hosting I really do not have to care about anything else but my work.

When you simply choose a storage option it means that you can store there your pictures, videos that your site needs – there is always a limit (e.g. 10GB/30GB). The more the better.

If you do not only want a blog to share with your family and friends but you also want to earn with it, a good hosting (if you are not a pro in it) is essential.

In this post you can read a very thorough comparison about hosting services including prices (e.g. GoDaddy hosting) after free registration.


4. Creating your website in WordPress

The most used and user-friendly platform both for beginners and advanced users is WordPress. There are ready to use templates that you can customize according to your needs up to a certain level, there are themes that have paid versions where you can customize more features. Finally, if you are familiar with designing websites, then you can also download it and create your unique theme.


In conclusion

Before you purchase a domain name and hosting service, think what your purpose is with your site. If you want to earn money with it and this is not only to share your thought with your family and friends, and you want to focus on your content, instead of learning a new profession, it worth purchasing a quality hosting that you can rely on without being afraid of losing everything because of hacking or getting pissed off of all the scam comments you would get. Just to mention some.

I can highly recommend my hosting, as I have never had my site down, hacking or spam and always had 24/7 support available.

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  1. Darren says:

    I have 3 site Rubix accounts and I like that they do not put advertisements on your website and also the package you get with them is amazing. I was spoilt for choice over what theme to use for my websites as there was so many to choose from. 

    If you wanted to can you transfer the site rubix website to your own domain? 

    Although I have already got websites and have learnt how to do them, your article is very informative for people who are looking into creating their first website.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Darren,

      Thank you for commenting, I am very glad that you likes my post. I also started with siterubix sites and I agree, that you can already choose there your own theme that you like.
      Yes, you can absolutely transfer you siterubix sites to your own domains. There is also a training on WA along your course, it is very easy with just two clicks 🙂

  2. Amer Azmi says:

    Creating a blog so much easier nowadays. Thanks for this article. Now I can create my own website. As you already said that free site with siterubix is good enough, so I think, I’ll start with free site with siterubix first. Later I’ll transfer to my own domain. I want to do a blog for my school club. Club president told me to do so.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Amer,
      I agree, it is much easier than it was before. I remember that I also tried earlier and there was no proper help available, or anything similar.
      I think to start and to learn the siterubix sites are perfect, and many people keep them and don’t buy their own domains. However, if you have a certain amount of visitors already or want to build it for a bigger audience, sooner or later I would suggest buying an own domain to seem more professional.

  3. Karin Nauber says:

    Thank you for your easy to  understand guide on setting up a blog and with the things that make a blog good. I always have hundreds of ideas and find that narrowing my focus is always a challenge. How do you suggest a person narrows their focus for a niche?

    I do use WordPress for a site that I created long ago. I just use the free version. I would like to have my own domain name for it, though. I checked out your links and you offer some great choices for domain hosting. Thank you for checking that out and putting it into your post.

    I would be very interested if my blog could help me earn some income! It looks like a very good way to stay at home with my granddaughter who I raise, and still garner an income.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Karin,

      Thank you very much for your comment. 

      I would advise you to try focusing on a part that you like for any reason more than the others, or interests you more. It is always easier to write posts that are interesting for us as well. If you get bored in research and writing, that is not good at all, because than I think your readers will get bored too.

      A free site to start with is very good, I am happy that I could help you. I am sure you can start earning money from home, it is not difficult at all, but is does take time and work – but it worth it. There is a fantastic training at Wealthy Affiliate, if you just follow every step and don’t skip any you will see the result soon.

      All the best, and let me know if I can help you with anything.

  4. cjciganotto says:


    Excellent article where you explain correctly how to create a blog, considering the chosen niche. We will have to build a website if it is our intention to earn extra money. It is important to use an excellent CMS like WordPress and a domain with termination (.com). We must also have a good Hosting so that the site loads as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing.


    1. admin says:

      Hi Claudio,

      I am glad if I could help you with my post, this is the aim, so thank you for your feedback 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    Thanks for a great blog. I started with a siterubix site until I was ready to purchase my own domain and transfer it over. For me it was a great learning ground on siterubix. I agree that .com domains are far more professional than a siterubix site and are well worth the very small investment. 

    Do you have a preferred platform that teaches how to build an online career, or did you teach yourself and learn as you went? I’m always interested to hear other people’s online journeys. Thanks.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. I also started with siterubix sites the same way as you.
      I learn absolutely everything at Wealthy Affiliate, from setting up my website in WordPress to building my online career including all the features that you need along your journey. I have checked several other trainings before starting this one, and this was the only one which included everything from the very first steps, always have new courses and trainings and you they offer a schedule that you can follow to do everything at the right time and never have to find out by yourself what you should do next and it saves a lot of time.

  6. rogerf20 says:

    Nice article, as someone who has some experience in creating blogs, I think it is important to choose a niche you are passionate about, otherwise you may find yourself getting bored with a niche that you were not particularly fond of and struggle coming up with good topics to write about. You are right about choosing a .com for your domain, unless your niche is specific to your location then it will be preferable to go for country code domain. I personally use the SiteRubix website builder and I think it is one of the easiest website builders I have come across.

    1. admin says:

      It must be really difficult to write always about a niche that you are not interested in and I am sure yourr readers will notice it very soon as well.
      SiteRubix is really the best one 🙂

  7. glenda says:

    Hi there,

    This is quite an insightful read and at the same time a great learning article. You did a nice job here on explaining step by step method in setting up a blog. And I found it very useful and I can’t wait any longer to immediately apply what I have learned and to earn someincome at the sametime.

    1. admin says:


      I am glad it helped you, and I am sure you will like it too 🙂

  8. Michel says:

    Thanks for the informative post on blogs and how to make a blog.

    You make it sound easy but it is a lot easier for non technical people to set up a blog now than ever before. 

    If you want to make money from your blog would you say it’s better to pay for a domain name and hosting for your site or can one go the free route and still make money?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Michel,

      It is really easy to set up a blog.

      I would say that it is possible to make money with a free website but it will most likely take longer time and you would earn much less money. If you want to make real money either from your site or with your business through a website, you should purchase for your own domain name.

  9. andrejs says:

    I just wanna add my two cents from my own about ten years experience in the internet marketing. You have listed the basic points for creating a blog. It is really important to choose the right hosting. I started with Host Nine and Hostgator but ended up with half of my microniche sites (about twenty) have been hacked. About three years ago I almost quit online business until met the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform. Amongst tons of knowledge treasures, it provides hosting, the best hosting I know with many useful and valuable features. Support is almost instantaneous regardless of your time zone.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks a lot for sharing your personal experience. I am not surprised you were thinking about quitting after so much trouble, but you are lucky that you found Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard about so many hacks at other hosting companies as well, but as you say hosting here is also so outstanding that I have not read of anyone’s site that would have been hacked. 

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